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Fourth Avenue Studio Visit w/Brooke

http://www.krtv.com/videoplayer/?video_id=25226&categories=9  *START AT 4:15

As you all know I won the 2013 Pepsi Performer. What a fantastic competition!  Thanks to Pepsi and all the other many companies and radio stations involved with this event.  My prizes included a Fender acoustic/electric guitar and four hours recording time at Fourth Avenue Studios.  I’m headed to Tampa, FL very soon and would not have had time to record locally.  This was the perfect opportunity to make someone’s day.

Let’s back up a bit. I was performing at the Great Falls Farmer’s Market when I heard a little girl putting her heart and soul into every note she was singing.  I looked over and realized we were the only two performers there that day.  Anyone who knows me is well aware of how important I feel it is to support local talent.  We both ended up tipping each other; her with a couple of dollars and me with a bag of freshly made kettle corn her family was selling at the market.  I think I made out with the better deal.

Let’s fast forward back to the Pepsi Performer Finals.  The judges announced the winners from 6th to 1st place.  Brooke moved the crowed with her heart-felt vocals and came in 5th place.  I started to think about it.  When I was her age I hadn’t had the support nor the courage to perform outside of my bedroom, much less in the venues she does.  I was floored when I heard her sing (once again) and saw the emotion (some tears) on the faces of the audience.  I can’t imagine the courage it takes at 10 years old to be such a performer.  I was instantly inspired.

On the drive home, and pumped from winning the competition, I knew exactly what I was going to do with the four hours of recording time; give it to Brooke.  I called her and asked her if she’d like to record in a real studio.  Her reply, YES!!  As if the answer would have been any different. Finally, yesterday, Brooke, her parents, me, and Matt Johnson met at his studio.  Brooke and I were interviewed by Tara Grimes from KRTV Great Falls.  The rest is in the video.  Here’s to you Brooke, a true inspiration!

2013 Pepsi Performer Winner


For all of those who forego social media (good on you) and keep up with what’s going down with my happenings….I WON!


The Front Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest


It’s that time….OKTOBERFEST!!  Let’s celebrate the harvest.  I’ll be performing at The Front tomorrow 5:30-7pm and Joe Ryan will be rocking the rest of the night!  Come join us…
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